He found a hidden room in his family’s attic

When Rudi Schlattner and his family fled Czechoslovakia after the second World War, they left behind everything they had. Today Rudi is 83 yeras old and he recently returned to his home country for the first time since the war. After 70 years he discovers the possessions his father hid in the house! The first thing Rudi wanted to do for his homecoming was visit his childhood house – but more than anything, Rudi wanted to find something he believed his father left behind before they were forced to evacuate the country.


At the age of 13, Rudi and his familly were forced to evacuate their home due to an act of mass eviction of ethnic Germans by the Czech government. They had to follow the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia.

The Secret Revealed!
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Many thousands of Germans were killed, but in some ways Rudi was one of the lucky ones. Together with his familly, he was sent to a safe American-controlled zone.

The Secret Revealed!
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70 years after leaving, Rudi decided to return to his family home. You might be worndering why he arranged to visit his old family home? What would he like to return after so many years away?

The Secret Revealed!
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Rudi was looking for something in particular – he made his way around the attic. He was looking for a length of thread that his father left. He actually found it and finally pulled it down!

The Secret Revealed!
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When Rudi pulled it two boards detached and the room full of different objects, untouched for 70 years! Rudi’s father hid the family’s possessions in the roof of their home.

The Secret Revealed!
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